Our History

A Heritage of Trust

The Bank of LaFayette has been your hometown bank for over 122 years! During our first century of service, we have built a legacy of trust that continues to be the foundation of how we do business. We've served many generations with exceptional customer service. We'll be here to serve many more.

Our Legacy

The Bank of LaFayette received its original charter from the state of Georgia in 1889. Founded by a group of local investors from the LaFayette and south Walker County area, the bank did not actually begin business for another ten years. On July 18, 1899, The Bank of LaFayette opened for business in a location on the west side of the town square. Originally a one story building, the bank was located where The Bouquet Shop is today. The original leaded glass window with "BANK" spelled out can still be seen today. Total deposits that first day were $2,064.38. Early leaders of the bank included J.E. Patton and James P. Shattuck.

In 1907, a new three story building was erected by the bank on the corner of Main St. and Patton St. (named after Mr. Patton) on the location of the old Globe Hotel. On February 1, 1908, the business was transferred to the new location where it remains today. The Walker County Messenger described the building as "a handsome three story building, built of pressed brick and stone. The bank fixtures are finished in oak, with marble wainscoting, tiling floor, and metal ceiling. The building is steam heated throughout, lighted with electricity, and has water connections."

The Bank of LaFayette 1908 bank lobby black and white photo

In 1913, the state granted another group of local citizens the charter for an additional bank in LaFayette. In 1914, Walker County Bank opened for business, also on the square, with C.C. Gilbert as cashier. In January, 1932, The Bank of LaFayette and Walker County Bank merged, retaining the name of the older Bank of LaFayette. W.A. Enloe, Sr. was the first president of the combined bank. C.C. Gilbert was executive vice president and chief executive officer. J. Moore Patton, the son of J.E. Patton, was vice president and cashier.

In January, 1939, C.C. Gilbert was elected president of The Bank of LaFayette, a position he held until his death in 1953. He was followed as bank president by his sons Bob D. Gilbert and Charles M. Gilbert. C.C.'s grandson, Dave Gilbert, is Chairman of the Board and CEO of the bank today. Another grandson, Henry Gilbert, is president of the bank.

The Bank of LaFayette 1950 Townsquare black and white photo


Today the Bank of LaFayette still occupies the same building that was built in 1908. Adjacent buildings have been acquired and remodeled in the subsequent years to serve the growing needs of our customers. The bank has now expanded to cover the entire city block!

We have also added branch offices in Rock Spring to better serve the needs of our customers in those areas. Drive-thru tellers and night depositories are available at each of our locations.

For added convenience, the Bank of LaFayette has installed three Automated Teller Machines (ATM's). These machines are located on West LaFayette and Roper Corporation facility on Broomtown Road.

Our Future

Despite our continued growth, The Bank of LaFayette has never forgotten the foundation upon which our business was built: our customers. With financial strength, unmatched customer service and commitment to community - The Bank of LaFayette stands ready to assist you with all of your banking needs.