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At The Bank of LaFayette, we are committed to providing the best possible ways for you to contact us at your convenience. For all of your banking needs, please contact us via eMail, telephone, fax and U.S. Postal Service.

You may also visit us, in person, at our main office or at any one of the convenient branch locations.
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Fraud Alert Emergency Contact Numbers for lost or stolen MasterCards and Debit MasterCards:

Debit MasterCard:
  • 706-638-2710 - The Bank of LaFayette
  • 888-297-3416 - To Report Lost/Stolen Card
  • 206-389-5200 - Call collect If Outside USA
  • 800-237-8990  - Fraud Hotline Call-Back Number
  • 855-293-2456  - Confirmed Fraud
MasterCard Credit Card:
  • 706-638-2520 - The Bank of LaFayette
  • 800-367-7576 - 24/7 When Bank is Closed
  • 800-556-5678 - To Report Lost/Stolen Card
  • 800- 337-3392 - Fraud Hotline Call-Back Number

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We've served many generations with exceptional customer service. We'll be here to serve many more.

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