Cardholder Protection - smsGuardian ® for Debit Cards

smsGuardian Debit Card and Credit Card fraud are among the fastest-growing crimes in the United States. The Bank of LaFayette is always looking for the best possible protections for our customers and their transactions. That is why we've introduced smsGuardian®, a new, optional service available to our Debit Card customers, that alerts you to transactions being conducted using your Bank of LaFayette Debit Card. These alerts are triggered by situations in which your card was used, based on rules created by the Bank for your protection. What is SMS? Short Message Service, or SMS, is a text messaging service that uses standardized communication protocol to allow the exchange of short text messages, primarily to mobile phone devices. smsGuardian® uses the SMS protocols to send text messages to our Debit Card customers who subscribe to the service. smsGuardian® Features and Benefites

  • Two-way text communication
  • Can enroll one device per Debit Card
  • Do-Not-Disturb window capability
  • One year enrollment period
  • All major phone carriers supported

smsGuardian® Text Alerts The smsGuardian® service will send a text message to your subscribed device when your Bank of LaFayette Debit Card:

  • Is used for purchases greater than $100
  • Is used out of state
  • Is used for fuel purchase (at a gas station)
  • Is used but not swiped (online or keyed purchases)
  • Is used more than 4 times is a 24 hour period

If the transaction is legitimate, you can simply ignore the message. If the transaction is fraudulent, you can reply to the smsGuardian® text with the code that you received and your Debit Card will be blocked from further use. You may discontinue the receipt of smsGuardian® text alerts immediately by texting the work STOP in reply to any alert. Cardholders may also discontinue alerts by texting the work STOP to 27576. Alternatively, you may unsubscribe from the service entirely on the website. There are no additional charges from The Bank of LaFayette for the smsGuardian® service, but Message and Data Rates May Apply, so check with your phone carrier. To sign up for the smsGuardian® service, click here or go to our main website and click on the link for smsGuardian®. You may review the Terms and Conditions for this service when you go to the smsGuardian® link on our website. Click here for more details about the smsGuardian® service.

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