The Bank of LaFayette MasterCard Credit Card Transaction Alerts

Helpful Registration Information

Procedures for Cardholders:

  • Enter Account Number and click Next
    1. Received Alert Registration Page
    2. Agree to Terms and Conditions and check box
    3. Click “Next”
      Receive second page of Alert Registration Page
    1. 4 Security Questions:
    2. zip code
    3. CVV2(back of card)
    4. Last 4 social/tax id (This must be the number for the person that is listed first on the statement)
    5. Expiration date in YYMM format

    Note: Server Error Message might be received if any data is incorrect

      Receive third page of Alert Registration Page
    1. Type in “nickname” – this customer-designated name will appear on text or emails to the cardholder.
    2. Add designation
    3. Email or mobile (the customer will be required to type YES upon receipt of text to complete registration)
    4. Type information
  • Click “Complete Registration”
  • Next page – Add Alerts:
  • In Box click on “Add New Alert”
  • Will receive a Box on the right side of the screen to select Authorization Alerts
    1. Will receive 4 Alert Choices
  • Authorization Amount – minimum $20
  • International Transaction
  • Decline
  • Card Not Present (online or keyed transactions)
  • Continue to click on “Add New Alert” to add more alerts
  • Note: You will receive an email or text for each Alert selection. You will also receive an email or text if you should make any modifications

    Customers may have multiple registrations (phone numbers, e-mails) for one account.

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