Go Green - With E-Statements

Graphic for eco-friendly e-statements. Contains a picture of a colorful tree frog and an encouragement to sign up for e-statments.

How to Sign Up for e-Statements

  1. Log into NetTeller by clicking here. Enter banking ID # and PIN #.
  2. If new to NetTeller, Enter/update email address and submit.
  3. Click on "e-statement" tab.
  4. Click "details" which will give a list of accounts. All accounts will be checked to receive e-statements and notices via secure email. Un-check any accounts for which you do not want to receive e-statements. Then click "save settings".
  5. Check and verify your email address.
  6. Enter a security phrase that will be known only to you, for example: "ice cream". This phrase will be displayed on all valid emails sent from this site.
  7. Click "I agree to the listed terms".
  8. Click "Enroll now".

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