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Northwest Georgia Arts Guild Releases Video

The Bank of LaFayette's own resident photographer and Northwest Georgia Arts Guild member, Sheri Aldridge, has posted a YouTube video that showcases the many activities of the local guild.

The Northwest Georgia Arts Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the arts and education throughout Northwest Georgia and the surrounding area. The Guild is open to anyone, artist or non-artist, and is funded by annual membership dues and donations. It is comprised of members who work in various media.

The Guild is located in the newly restored Mars Theater on Chattanooga Street. The theater provides space for performing arts, visual arts, workshops, studio spaces and special events venues in a history art deco setting. Art classes and workshops as well as children’s programs are open to the public. The new space provides an opportunity for artists as well as supporters of the arts to come together in a unique environment to promote the arts within our community.

You can stay informed of the Guild’s events by visiting

Everyone is invited to participate in the Guild as a member, patron or supporter of the arts in our community.

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